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Aquafitness for Culcairn

Colleen Wilson-Lord, of Healthy Lifestyle, is conducting a fun Aquafitness Course at the Culcairn Pool. Two sessions are being held weekly, on Wednesdays. Session1 is from 4.30pm- 5.30pm, and the second session is from 6pm to 7pm.  Aquafitness classes are suitable for all fitness levels, as the buoyancy of the water when participating in aqua exercises gives people a good range of movement.

Aquafitness is a fun way to improve and maintain fitness, and is also suitable for people who have joint injuries, lack flexibility or stamina or find exercising on land difficult. Aqua exercises cover a wide range of positive effects to participants. It provides resistance to movement in multiple directions, which fosters stability. The force and energy required to move through water develops muscle and bone strength, as well as cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Movements are slower and less likely to be jerky in water. Movement of the water massages the skin, promoting circulation and relaxation. Turbulence contributes to the resistance felt in aquatic exercise. Muscles become stronger as participants learn to stabilize their bodies against turbulence.  Exercises can be designed to work with or against turbulence, thereby increasing or decreasing intensity.

Come and join the fun, with qualified instructor Colleen Wilson-Lord. Improve your fitness at the same time. Weekly cost is $8, and $5 concession and student rates.