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The Culcairn Threadcatchers group meets on the first Monday of each month and we have 17 members. We also have another group incorporated into our program this year and they were The Culcairn Friendship Quilt Group In this group the ladies have been taught to make specific quilt block each month. That block (14 in total) is then given to one of the members to enable them to make a quilt. By the end of the year each member should have a quilt, made by their friends in the group.

The Culcairn Threadcatchers & Friends Group is in the process of making a quilt to donate to the Culcairn Men’s Shed. We envisage this to be completed by the end of this month. This has been a combined effort from all our members. Our aim for this quilt was to totally construct it from denim jeans, flannelette shirts and other donated scraps. We have succeeded, and we will be presenting it to the Men’s Shed in the very near future. The Anglican Opportunity shop kindly donated a number of pairs of jeans for which we are very grateful.

For more information on the Culcairn Threadcatchers Group you can contact Sharon Wonson on 02 60297094 or 0408409160