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Hope you enjoyed your chrysanthemums last month, the Mother’s Day flower.

This month try to buy the dazzling brightly coloured tubular flowers in pink, red, orange and yellow of the zygo cactus. They will flower May to late July

Grow them in a spot in dappled shade or plant in pots in a free draining mix, like an orchid mix. Remove the saucer from pots and hanging baskets to prevent water logging.

For successful flowering it is best to keep them away from artificial light at night as flower buds are formed when nights get longer in the autumn.

Pinch out leaf segments after flowering, to encourage branching, you can even grow new plants from these segments. They love morning sun and some shade. They will grow all over Australia, bring them inside for a splash of colour when they are flowering. They look good spilling over in hanging baskets in rows inside enclosed patios